Psychology Grand Rounds

The future world: What do we want universities and colleges of the future to look like and what steps should we take to get there?

At the University of Glasgow we are creating a new vision and world of learning for the 21st Century and beyond. Our strategy Glasgow 2020 - a global vision is a commitment in aiming to deliver on three main themes: • Focus • Global reach • Multidisciplinary approaches We are at the forefront of developing and delivering exciting, innovative and technology enhanced programmes at PGT level. We are clear what our future looks like, as we grow our capacity to deliver online programmes with an emphasis on the student experience and quality of teaching. We are connecting our learners to experts, researchers, teachers and each other using web-based tools. The steps we are taking to connect the world with University of Glasgow from anywhere in the world is truly a global phenomenon. If future global prosperity depends on a highly educated and skilled workforce with an international perspective, what role will institutions play in delivering globally literate citizens? Our institution is clear on the results it wants to achieve in terms of internationalisation. We wish to develop global citizens through our global reach and the internationalisation of the curricula. Our students are contributing to learning by sharing their own wealth of cultural experience and their professional experience. By working with other partner institutions around the world we can easily make this happen using technology. Our learners are mobile and on the go, we understand this and are keen to develop their skills to enable mobility. Who are the new players in creating the future? And how will universities and colleges collaborate with them? The new players are organisations and individuals who believe the future of learning lies in web-based technology, connecting students, researchers, and teachers with each other on large scale across disciplines. They will collaborate through mutual interest and through existing networks through their own professional bodies and societies. How are we preparing young people to be global citizens/employees? We are preparing young and mature people to be global citizens/employees encouraging them to engage with their fellow learners from other parts of the worlds either through research or our e-programmes. We have the capacity to reach people far more easily and quickly than in the normal way of recruiting people onto our programmes to enable global citizenship. Through our virtual classroom environment, cultural barriers will be reduced as people feel less inhibited to speak out. How will institutions create partnerships in which innovations flourishes? Institutions will create partnerships through existing networks or their professional bodies and societies. People are connected and networked. It is through the utilisation of this structure that will enable innovation to flourish. Our students are networked, our researchers are networked and our teachers are networked. They will be the resource for the community.