Seminar Series

Ultra-fast MRI mapping of the Human Brain Connectome

It is hard to comprehend the number of synaptic connections in the human brain and currently it is an impossible task to map these connections. Nevertheless, on a larger scale, brain connectivity is being mapped with functional MRI and diffusion fiber tracktography. Improved pulse sequences for simultaneous multi-slice echo planar imaging, with accelerations up to 30 times faster are useful for improving statistical correlations in resting state connectivity fMRI and angular resolution in diffusion fibertractography. And in ultra-high field fMRI at 7 Tesla, fast simultaneous 2D or 3D images are made with very high spatial resolution in fMRI to study neuronal processing specific to cortical layers and columnar organization. The emphasis in this talk will be on the new MRI physics of making ultra-fast MRI and on very recent applications.