Neuroscience & Psychology Postgraduate Society Seminars

Conflict of Interest in non-pharmacological research: How biased are you?

Conflicts of interest (COI) are common in research. Most attention has been devoted to the conflicts arising from vested corporate financial interests, particularly related to the influence of industry (‘big pharma’) on research into pharmacological therapies and medical devices. Conflicts for individuals arise from the potential influence on scientific integrity of industry-funded travel, gifts or drugs and devices. However, conflicts also occur due to biases arising from the need for individuals to be successful in financial and scientific terms. How conflicts of interest in research are handled is important because as well as being unethical and potentially dangerous, poor handling (real or perceived) of these conflicts erodes public trust in science, health professionals and scientists. Despite growing interest in conflict of interest in research, conflicts of interest in non-pharmacological research have received much less attention. This presentation will highlight the ways in which COI arise in research and how they may best be addressed.