Seminar Series

[CANCELED] Neuroaesthetics of performing arts: a sensorimotor approach (latest information: we are sorry but this presentation had to be canceled)

This talk explores the mechanisms that the human mind and brain employ to observe bodies and actions. Specifically, we will focus on a very human way of seeing: aesthetic perception. We will present a series of studies that investigate different sensorimotor aspects of the aesthetic processing using fMRI, TMS and EEG. We will discuss about: (a) the role of visual and motor experience during visual perception of movement (dancers vs non-dancers), (b) how visual and motor processing contributes to form the aesthetic percept and, (c) how embodiment processes are recruited during aesthetic perception of movements. The overall results suggest a strong relation between visual and sensorimotor regions and aesthetic mechanism. We furthermore discuss the potential use of this research for both the scientific and the dance community.