Seminar Series

Oscillatory cortical networks during perceptual decision-making.

Normal brain function requires the interaction of functionally specialized and widely separated cortical regions. I will discuss a series of M/EEG experiments, in which we investigated large-scale cortical interactions during perceptual decision-making in the human brain. We found evidence that synchronized oscillations mediate cortical interactions along several stages of perceptual decision-making: At the periphery of the decision process, oscillations within local networks subserve the representation of sensory evidence and motor plans. Large-scale oscillations across widespread cortical networks mediate the integrative processes connecting these local representations, such as the attentional selection of relevant sensory evidence, its perceptual disambiguation, the integration of sensory inputs across modalities, and the flexible mapping onto action plans. Our data suggest that perceptual decision-making is mediated by oscillatory interactions within several overlapping local and large-scale cortical networks.