Seminar Series

The interplay between auditory and visual motion perception in the human brain

Seeing and hearing motion. Two sides of the same coin? Qualitatively, auditory motion perception has a lot in common with visual motion perception as reflected by the fact that illusions like apparent motion and the motion aftereffect can be induced both by visual and auditory stimuli. A reason for this similarity could be an interaction between neural modules supporting visual and auditory motion perception. To support this suggestion I will present the findings of two fMRI studies and one psychophysical study indicating that: 1) Auditory motion direction is encoded by response patterns of higher-level visual cortex nearby the visual motion area hMT\V5+ 2) Auditory motion direction has an affect on responses within hMT\V5+ to moving visual stimuli 3) The direction of sound-source motion can alter the directionality of perceived visual motion.