Boyd Orr Level 2 (Entrance Lobby)


  • 5 PRS receivers - 3 along front wall 2 on side walls half way up
  • XLR connector at floor level next to blackboards (furthest side from the doors) - janitors have connector cabling and power supply

Pictures of the installed equipment

Attach:BOLT1cable.jpg Δ Δ | The cable Attach:BOLT1leftrec.jpg Δ Δ | The front left receiver Attach:BOLT1centrec.jpg Δ Δ | The front centre receiver Attach:BOLT1rightrec.jpg Δ Δ | The front right receiver Attach:BOLT1brightrec.jpg Δ Δ | The back right receiver Attach:BOLT1bleftrec.jpg Δ Δ | The back left receiver

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