1.  A list of lecturers/users

  • particularly the regular users
  • their support needs

Users from previous years will be added. This info is from a spreadsheet which also has their email address (will post this to you later).

I had thought no more users to be added to this table (i.e. from this year) but I've just found the MSc-IT class test and something titled medicine which need included here.

1.1  This years users back to 11/06

Totalling the student numbers and the use numbers might not make sense as they may not be the same students (but were not distinguished in my notes by anything other than the lecturer name). If i hadnt remembered that Dougal Campbell did a 2nd AND a 3rd year class this would not be noted in the table. The Dougal Campbell use should really be entered twice: once for 2nd year and once for 3rd year. This probably also applies to Andrew Rankin, Steve Brindley, Quintin Cutts and Steve Draper.

For the non-lecture uses, the student numbers are meaningless where the events are repeated since those events NEVER contain the same people. The total of Stud Uses (which is Students times Uses) is probably more meaningful. . . . . maybe.

Supported Users - this year
#NameDepartmentCourseStudentsUsesStud UsesPrev YearsSupportNotes
1George KominisAccounting & Finance2Yr50150 PSO 
2Alice MillerComputing Science4Yr5021002SO 
3Andrew RankinMedical2Yr200510003SHas helped setup equipment and would be happy to do it alone
4Dougal CampbellFrench2/3Yr100242400 SHopes to operate it alone if receievers installed in mlb lt
5Steve BrindleyIBLS2Yr20036004  
6John HancockMechanical Engineering1Yr2002400 PSO 
7Barbara CogdellIBLS2Yr15046005S 
8Kate RossBiology2Yr2501250 SO 
9Kathleen RiachManagement1Yr2001200 PSO 
10Paul SiebertComputing Science1Yr200244800  bolt1
11Paddy O'DonnellPsychology2Yr15011504PSO 
12Steve DraperPsychology4Yr5042006PS 
13Quintin CuttsComputing Science4Yr10044006  
14Quintin CuttsComputing Science1Yr2002448006 bolt1
15Richard CooperComputing Science3Yr6021205PS 
17Tim drysdaleElectrical Engineering1Yr1001100 PSO 
Total   236011016870   
Non-lecture uses
#NameDepartmentCourseStudentsUsesStud UsesPrev YearsSupportNotes
18Charles HigginsDACE (Childrens Hearing Panel)Conf50150 S 
19Steve BrindleySETPOINTGOALS706042004 3 or 4 staff from SETPOINT experienced in use. Individually running science shows for primary school children. Usually the same show is done twice for each of the 60 uses.
20Grant ReillySUSConf1001100 PS 
21Margaret BrownComputing ScienceConf301303  
22Marilyn McGee-LennonComputing ScienceConf10011003S 
23Neil CrollWidening participationTopUp10044003 Secondary School Children
Total   450684880   
Course Usually from memory
Students Max
Uses Number of uses this year
Prev Years Number of years of use or blank for first use. Im guessing most of this but the idea is are they a long term user, a repeat user or a first time user
Support P = Prepare Question for use with the software
S = Setup receivers
O = Operate software

2.  My documentation

  • Hardware
    • IR
    • RF
    • serial adaptor
  • Software
    • Educue (the old software) v2.49
    • Interwrite v3 (IR only)
    • Interwrite v4 (IR and RF)
    • Respon (mine)

3.  Links to the relevant websites

  • UK Suppliers
    • FluentBlu
      • our contact Andrew Collard
    • Banxia
      • our contact there is really through the REAP projects dealings with Jenny Brightman
  • InterWrite (or GTCOCalComp) are the current PRS manufacturers
  • Steve Drapers pages
    • mountains of pedagogic and tech details are held here
  • Respon Software
    • PC only.
    • Developed at UoGlasgow
    • Primarily for PowerPoint use
    • can be downloaded from here
  • Educue software
    • post it somewhere for download
    • id changer software too
  • Keyspan Serial Adaptor

4.  list of the equipped lectures theatres

Included from EVS - Equipped Rooms Page:

The following rooms are equipped with PRS receivers though handsets still have to be booked.

Central room bookings mantain a list of equipment installed in rooms around the university, though currently it doesnt indicate where PRS receivers are installed.

CRB Rooms Page

5.  an inventory of the equipment

We had 650 handsets, numbered 1 to 650 (known as "the old handsets") and then bought another 200 (known as "the new handsets" even though they are technically the same) which were supposed to be number 651 to 850 but turned up with 1 to 200 on them. We got the stickers for numbering them correctly but have not stuck them on. Instead these two sets have been kept mostly separated. The 200 were divided into 4 batches of 50. Three of these batches are attached by velcro to large canvas folding containers (known to us as "hangy things"). The other 50 are in 5 boxes of ten each.

5.1  Summary table

add non returns for cs1p - space provided

Ill also put up here the spreadsheet i was using to maintain/produce this table and the by location list below, once i figure out how to increase the file size limit beyond 50k

The "should have" numbers for power packs, connectors, serials, and receivers is calculated on the assumption that we originally bought 3 primary packs and 12 secondary packs and then Quintin subsequently bought 12 primary packs.
A primary should contain: a receiver, a serial, a connector (short), a power pack (500mA)
A secondary should contain: a receiver and a connector (long)
A large clunky power supply was purchased followed by two (phyically) smaller power packs
Under power packs lost, the 3 were binned (I think)
Keyspans, i think, were bought as follows:
one to try it out
then two more (thats the bit i cant remember 1 or 2)
then three.

Oh and there is also the ID changer hardware which has a serial connection (different from the one for receivers), a power pack and a small connector cable

Oh and the qwizdom and rf kit (joe has some of it)

Whatbolt1boltamlb 5ltcQuintinQuintin (Richard)Steve BrindleyJoeofficebrokenGrand TotalLostPaidShould Have
handset  5042202070231618700???850
power pack1 11211134153018
serial cable1 11211152150015
keyspan1  11  1116006
tripod    1 2 429009
connector   2212185216027

5.2  Inventory - by location with details


  • 5x receiver (permanently installed)
  • 1x keyspan (in small box with the janitors)
  • 1x power pack (2500mA) (in small box with the janitors)
  • 1x serial cable (in small box with the janitors)


  • 2x receiver


  • 1x connector
  • 2x handset (old)
  • 1x keyspan
  • 1x power pack (500mA)
  • 1x receiver
  • 1x serial cable


  • 2x connector
  • 4x handset (old)
  • 1x keyspan
  • 1x power pack (500mA)
  • 2x receiver
  • 1x serial cable

mlb Main lecture theatre

  • 2x receiver (to be permanently installed during October 2007)

mlb 5

  • 2x receiver (permanently installed)
  • 50x handset (new,hangy) (?Locked in a cupboard)
  • 1x power pack (500mA) (?Locked in a cupboard)
  • 1x serial cable (?Locked in a cupboard)

Steve's office / LTC

  • 50x handset (new,hangy)[now with LTC]
  • 50x handset (new,boxed) Now being broken into by Quintin: 7 taken.
  • 200x handset (old,boxed)[with LTC]
  • 16x handset (old,boxed)
  • 3?x receiver [+ 2 gone to ML main LT]
  • 1x connector (long)
  • 7x connector (short)
  • 1x keyspan [with LTC]
  • 1x power pack (1200mA)
  • 2x power pack (500mA)
  • 5x serial cable
  • 2x tripod (short)
  • 2x tripod (tall)


  • 2x connector
  • 50x handset (new,hangy)
  • 170x handset (old)
    • less 10? lost over summer, plus 5 refound,
    • plus 7 taken from new handsets in the Steve collection.
    • Plus 20 from Crieff
  • 1x keyspan
  • 1x power pack (2500mA)
  • 1x power pack (500mA)
  • 2x receiver
  • 2x serial cable
  • 1x tripod (clamp)

Quintin (Richard AT Crieff. This equipment is being retrieved. To go from Quintin to LTC)

  • 1x connector
  • 20x handset (old,boxed) --> 2 being leant to Neil Croll
  • 1x power pack (500mA)
  • 1x receiver --> being leant to Neil Croll
  • 1x serial cable

Steve Brindley

  • 2x connector
  • 70x handset (old,boxed)
  • 1x power pack (500mA)
  • 2x receiver
  • 1x serial cable
  • 2x tripod (short)


  • 5x connector (long)
  • 7x handset (old)
  • 5x handset (old,need batteries, chris)
  • 6x handset (old,need batteries)
  • 1x keyspan (chris)
  • 1x power pack (500mA,chris)
  • 3x power pack (500mA)
  • 2x receiver
  • 1x receiver (chris)
  • 2x serial cable
  • 2x tripod (short)