Glasgow University


  • Design of staff interview schedule to be implemented over all of the courses
  • Design of student experience of assessment questionnaire to be implemented across all of the courses.

Computing Science Accelerator Course

  • Design of learning logs to facilitate self-regulation through goal orientation and reflection.
  • Report on rationale for design of learning log
  • Summary of data from logs, which was fed back into facilitator feedback meetings to provide an opportunity for students to shape the course.
  • Output from facilitator meetings was recorded for mid-point evaluation measures.
  • Post measures included student and facilitator/staff interviews (qualitative data).
  • Summary of student feedback on class tests

Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University Business School General

  • Design and implementation of a troubleshooting EVS questionnaire and subsequent report on the outcome.
  • Design of student EVS experience questionnaire
  • Analysis of EVS questionnaire data
  • Design of staff EVS experience questionnaire and analysis of data
  • Design and implementation of staff focus group around EVS use
  • Summary report from staff focus group
  • Design and provision of staff crib sheet for good practice in EVS use

Business Management Module

  • Staff interviews
  • Student interviews
  • Report on student EVS presentation session
  • Consultation on design for EVS questionnaire
  • Analysis of EVS questionnaire data