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History and Classics

Links to discipline-specific case studies:

Higher Education Academy Subject Centre resources
There is an excellent collection of case studies for History from universities in England and America at the Higher Education Academy's subject centre for History: http://www.hca.heacademy.ac.uk/resources/case_Studies/snas/index.php

These include examples from:

Dr Ross Balzaretti, University of Nottingham, Students As Front-line Researchers: The Landscape History of Liguria

Dr Mark Donnelly, St Mary's College, 'Write the Book, Teach the Module': Integrating Historical Research and Teaching (Level 3)

Dr Di Drummond, Trinity and All Saints College, Using Reflective Logs/Journals to Encourage Students in Undergraduate Research Modules in History

Prof Ranald Michie, University of Durham, Teaching Your Research: The Special Subject in History

Prof T Mills Kelly, George Mason University, 'Webography': Reviewing the Web and Learning Research Skills in History

Dr Merv Lewis, Sheffield Hallam University, Encouraging Collaborative Learning and Student Research on a Computing and History Module

Prof Roger Lloyd-Jones, Sheffield Hallam University, Introducing History Students to Research Techniques

Dr John Lutz, University of Victoria, History Students in British Columbia Contribute Their Research Findings to a Web Site

Dr Geoff Timmins, University of Central Lancashire, Gaining Research Experience on an MA in Historical Studies

Dr Brian Vick, University of Sheffield, Constructing a Research-led Seminar Programme at Level 3

Other case studies:
For a useful rebalancing from a teaching-led environment:

Dr. Martin Johnes, Student perceptions of research in a teaching-led Higher Education http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/assets/hlst/documents/johlste/vol5no1/0111.pdf


References to related discipline-specific literature:

McLean, M. & Barker, H. (2004) Students making progress and the research-teaching nexus debate. Teaching in Higher Education, 9(4), pp. 407-419

This article reviews a study undertaken by the authors exploring history lecturers' conceptions of progress within history. The authors conclude that their are intrinsic links between transformative research views and transformative teaching approaches. Whilst this article doesn't provide actual case studies of practice it is useful for stressing the value of being a research-active lecturer.

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