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Favourites (bookmarks)

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This page contains the list of bookmarks I happen to have collected for my own use. It has not been thought out to be useful to others, only myself: but of course there's always a chance it could be useful ....

(This list is created by dumping the bookmarks from my web browser, deleting the bottom end which is my current "working memory" or scratch space, and mounting it on the web. This is not the short list or "launchpad" for very frequent and rapid use, which I keep elsewhere.)

Current: in progress

Fake Conferences
Assess in HE conf @ Carlisle
LICK 2008 (TESEP: )
ALTJ call for papers
CAL 2009 - Learning in Digital Worlds
Carlisle assessment conf.
EARLI - Call for papers
QETheme conference 09

Old conferences etc.

ALT-C 2001
NILE 06 Narrative and Interactive Learning Environme...
Improving Student Learning Using Learning Techn…
Active learning submissions
HEA res.grant e-Learning research ...
Higher Education Academy Annual conference page
IHM-HCI Lille 2001
BAAS programme
Strath: ICCP
HCI teaching workshop, HW
Circus conference at Glasgow
Quintin symposium
DIM 3 @ edin
PPIG Work-in-Progress Workshop 2008
LTSN psych
Circus conf @ Gla
LTSN Action research
OzCHI 2001
ascilite 2001
24th BCS-IRSG 2002
IT and Information Literacy
Beyond Chalk: home page
Shock of the old 2: innovation and information …
Context Meeting 20 March 2002
GCG 1st Symposium: 'Building Bridges: Interdisc…
HCI 2002
context medical workshop
TLS conference
CHI 2003: draft web
CHI 2003 draft print
CHI 2003 Site Architecture (Complete Site)
CHI 2003 older
CHI 2002 (doctoral consortium)
CAL 2003 - 21st Century Learning
EASE 2003
PPIG 2003 - Psychology of Programming Interest …
CAP03 Sstu
CHI 2003: New Horizons
Grumps workshop
ALT-C 2003 Conference
Grumps programme
HCI 2003
OZCHI 2003
CETIS-8th CETIS Educational Content SIG Meeting
Requirements Capture for Collaboration in eScie…
BNCOD 2004 HeriotWatt edinburgh
PLAT2004 Homepage
CHI 2004: Workshops
Hong Kong T&L symposium
DB teaching
SSDMB Greece
BPS educational psy at Glasgow
Leeds T&L conference
AIC Colour 05
BJEP at Edin
ALT-C 2004: Exeter
ALT-C 2005 Manchester
Grand Challenges in Computing 2006 - The IEE

eLearning / SHEFC

Clive Young
E-learning Advisor Team: April 2004 Archives
SHEFC Invitation to bid for e-learning tra...

Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference on Perc...
IRIX IR workshop
Collis IR workshop
IRiX - Information Retrieval in Context
postgrad conf. Arts and Humanit...
CAL '05 Virtual Learning?: Call for Papers
first year experience @ soton
BPS Scottish Branch Annual Conference 2005
2005 GRC on Visualization In Science & Education
DELIC, UofArts, London
soton conf on tech disability
PRHE: ped research in HE; Liverpool
e-Science in Education - Models for Future Th...
EC-TEL 2006 - First European Conference on Te...
The Learner Driver Conference
HCI 07 at Lancs
HCI 2007 login / reviews
HCI 2006: Engage!
Designs on E-Learning
ISL Rust improving student learning conference
ALT-C 2006 Papers
The Active Web: Staffs conf.
JISC bham Using learning resources: transforming the ed...
ISL = improving student learning conf; OCSD, Brookes
Staffs: Technology supported learning conference
IUT08 glasgow
Universitas 21
Improving Student Learning 2008 booking form
ALT-C 2008: beyond control
Progress In Colour Studies


TLRP: Technology Enhanced Learning 2006
TEL call
Harnessing Technology: Transforming Learning ...
ESRC Society Today - Learning and Teaching
Denise Whitelock
Patrik O'Brian Holt
BuddySpace User Guide - BuddyFinder
OpenMentor - Background
Peer assessment software

Workshop on Human Error and Clinical Systems
White Paper Discussion Forum
Followup to HCI teaching workshop
VALUE evaluation workshop
Muscat Info
Kansas Project Page
IJET: International Journal of Educational Tech…
ACM TOCHI Special Issue: Human-Computer Interac…
New Frontiers In Learning - 1999
vc link
WebNet Conference
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning - 6th June 2…
CETIS-CETIS learning content Group
Higher Education Academy Research projects page

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    BCS HCI Group
    University of the Highlands & Islands
    CS Research Strategy Group
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    JISC Emerge
    quality enhancement themes QEE QET
    QAA Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education -…
    CVCP ...
    ELTHE @ mailbase
    ALT website
    ASCILITE Australiasian Society for Computers in…
    TLT Org Group
    TIE / MMDG (UoG group)
    Higher Education Academy Home page
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    LTSN generic contacts
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    CITE (Circus)
    Circus: Content Integrated with Research in Creat…
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    Deaf Connections -- IT for the deaf in Glasgow
    Map of Central Oxford showing Colleges
    Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) - Home
    Clyde Waterbus Services Ltd - Glasgow Braehead …
    Cognitive Dimensions of Notations Resource Site
    Welcome to the ALT website
    Association for Learning Technology: ALT
    Learning and Teaching Scotland
    CETIS-CETIS briefings on e-learning standards
    Data Protection Act 1998
    OUP very short introductions
    Oceanwide Expedition Cruises Polar Travel Arctic Antarctic
    Cruise Scottish Islands North Atlantic Advent...
    Corryvreckan, boat trip
    Classics in the History of Psychology -- Cron...
    Careers Scotland Home Page
    43 Folders | A bunch of tricks, hacks, and ot...
    Fincher Patterns for HCI
    Gapminder. Hans Rosling.


    E-Journals (UoG)
    Impact factors: Lit launch pad
    USA medical bibiog search
    ACM Digital Library
    Pestlhe submit
    Journal of Interactive Media in Education
    JCAL submissions
    JCAL board
    BJET manuscripts
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    EJEL, Electronic Journal of eLearning
    Journal of Computing in Higher Education
    No access to it; but invite to referee
    e-learning journal
    Journal of Engineering education
    IIER: Issues In Educational Research: Access ...
    Learning, Media & Technology
    IJ-SoTL: Current Issue: Volumn 1, Number 2 - ...
    Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
    Colour: Design & Creativity - 2007 Issue 1
    Art, Design and Communication in Higher Educa...
    ISL: Chris Rust worshop proc.
    BPS: The Psychologist
    Journal of Information Systems Education..
    Innovate - online Journal. James Morrison
    Jounal of interactive learning research
    PRIME journal
    Microsoft Publications
    AJET: Australasian Journal of Educational Tec...
    Computers and education
    Mentoring & Tutoring
    Studies in HE
    Phi Beta Kappan
    Phi Delta Kappa International Home Page
    ERIC and digests
    HE quarterly
    HE journal "AEQ"
    ALTJ ALT Journal
    ALTJ old
    Educational Developments (SEDA magazine)
    JCAL Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
    Active Learning / CTISS / CTI
    Journal of Interactive Learning Research (JILR) [Tom Reeves ed.]
    IFETS International Forum of Educational Technology &Soc
    J. Env. Psy
    Personal Technologies: fun papers
    IJET = Int.J. Ed.Tech.
    ALN Magazine
    ALN journal/ JALN
    j. Teaching in Higher Education
    Interactive Learning Environments (Masoud)
    (j. of) Educational Technology & Society
    LTSNpsy PsyL&T journal
    HCILetters Journal Website
    CMC Magazine Index
    BYTE Magazine - March 1998 / Cover Story / Weav…
    WebNet Journal: Scope
    Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive
    Reason Magazine
    Forum: Qualitative Social Research
    BCS HCI : Interfaces : back issues
    Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning:On…
    J. of Educational Policy
    journal of visual languages and computing
    Oxford Review of Education
    Interfaces (BCS HCI)
    HERDSA - Higher Education Research and Develo...


    Aaron Sloman
    Academic Staff Development Wcox
    Ackerman, Mark's research papers
    Admin Tasks for Central Teaching Room Facilities
    Adrian Friday's *new* homepage
    Adrian Williamson's Home Page
    Alan Blackwell - Home Page
    Cathy Sherratt, Edge hill
    Alan Dix // aQtive
    Alan Munro @ strath
    Nicola Whitton, Manchester Met
    Betty Collis & Jef Moonen: Learning Technology
    Alan Smeaton's Home Pages
    Alan's new home page
    Alexander Makedon papers
    John Hamer's Home Page
    Alexander Makedon's Home Page
    Alice Jenkins; EngLit
    Alison Phipps
    Alistair Bruce; Edin; physics; search
    Alistair Sutcliffe
    Allan MacLean
    Allison LIttlejohn
    Colin Milligan | Glasgow Caledonian University
    Allison Long; Edin teacher training
    Amanda Parkes, MIT media lab
    Ana Goldenberg's Home Page
    Andrew Litchfield UTSydney
    Andy diSessa
    Andy Tolmie
    Andy Tolmie
    Anette Steel
    Angela Carbone, teaching excellence, Monash
    Angus Duff
    Ann Light
    Annamaria Carusi: elrc staff
    Annamaria Carusi; soton
    Anne De Roeck
    Anne Dickinson; Coventry University
    Anthony 'Skip' Basiel
    Anthony Hornof's Home Page
    Antonia Palmer
    Aran Lunzer's Home Page
    Ballantyne at Murdoch
    Barbara Weightman, ELA for Social Sciences
    Barney Dalgarno
    Barry Brown
    Bart from Belgium
    Belkin,Nicholas J.
    Ben Craven, former Glasgow Sci centre director
    Bev Gray medical job
    Bev Taylor @georgia state
    bill gaver
    Bill Harvey
    Blay Whitby
    Blay Whitby 2
    Bob Horn, Stanford
    Bob Lewis
    Bobby Hamilton @ strath mechEng
    Brian Wynne @lancs
    Bridget Cooper CBL Leeds
    Bruce Jones
    Calvin Smith, Griffith, Oz
    Canon Research Centre Home Page
    Carmel McNaught Hong Kong
    Carol Boyd, Business ...
    Carol Robinson Loughborough Maths Edcu
    Carolin Kreber Edinburgh
    Caroline Jarrett. Effortmark
    Caroline Jarrett. Usability That Works
    Catherine McLoughlin's Home Page
    Catriona Macaulay's Home Page
    Charles Crook at Nottingham
    Charles Crook's Home Page
    Charles Duncan's Personal Page
    Chet Hedden
    chris Jones
    Chris McKillop
    Chris Rust
    Chris Schnurr
    Christina Mainka; Napier
    Christine Edwards, MedEduc, Bev colleague
    Christine Howe
    Christine Howe, Cambridge
    Christine Percival, Strathclyde
    Christine Sinclair
    Christine Steeples
    Christopher Brien@sturt
    Clare O'Connell Newport
    Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza, Brazil
    Clark N. Quinn Old Home Page
    Claude Lamontagne, Ottawa
    CLUES: Centre for CBL in Land Use and Environmental Sciences
    CREDIT web site
    Dai Griffiths, Bolton, IEC, cybernetics
    Dai Hounsell
    Daisy Mwanza's @ KMI.OU
    Dan Diaper
    Dan Horn's homepage
    Daniel W. Surry
    Dave Lieberman
    Dave Whittington's Home Page
    David Benyon
    David Benyon
    David Boud: UTS: Faculty of Education
    David Carter-Tod: Who am I?
    David Carus
    David England's Home Page. HCI and VR Research
    David Frohlich - Publications
    David Gilmore old
    David Gilmore staff page
    David Hammer
    David Lines. Robert Gordon EdTech
    Nicol David Prof - University of Strathclyde
    David Nicol
    David Nicol
    David P Liston
    David Scotson (Moodle, GUIDE)
    DDS staff
    Debbie Holley
    Deneka MacDonald GUIDE
    Denise Whitelock
    Devi Jankowicz
    Diane Nahl Home Page Hawaii
    Dick Ng’ambi, Cape town, CET DFAQ
    Dominique Sluijsmans - OU Netherlands
    Dominique Sluijsmans2 - OU Netherlands
    Don Gentner LNR page
    Don Norman
    Don Norman's Page
    Dorothy Heffernan
    Doug S Tudhope
    Dr Sam Leong
    Dr Steven Warburton
    Eamonn O'Neill
    Easi-Find; Jayne Egerton
    Eero Sormunen homepage
    Eileen Trotter, Salford
    Elaine Duncan: gcal
    Elin S. Olsen
    Elizabeth Murphy
    Elizabeth Murphy: Home
    Eric Yao
    Ernst Wit
    Ernst Wit's Homepage
    Europarc / XRCE /Xerox Research Centre Europe
    Fairholme bio
    Fauldings Home
    Finbar Dineen
    Fintan Culwin's Home Page
    Fiona Biggam
    Frances Goldman, Maths
    Frank Boyle
    Gabriel Jacobs
    Gary Marchionini; Uof N. Carolina
    Gavin Lee, student VP
    Geoff Fellows @sturt
    Geoff Isaacs' Home Page
    Geoffrey E. Hinton's Home Page
    George Kuh
    George Legrady, Merz
    Gerald Grow's Home Page
    Gerry Graham, Paisley
    Gerry Lefoe; CEDIR
    Gilbert Cockton's Home Page
    Gillian Wilson : Home
    Gilly Salmon
    Gilly Salmon
    Gordon Doughty
    Graham Gibbs?
    Greg Kearsley
    Gregor Kennedy
    GSA /DDS text only entr
    Hamish Macleod
    Harry Collins, expertise, Cardiff
    HCT at Sussex
    Helen C. Purchase
    Helen Fraser, Strath
    Helen Fraser, Strath
    Helen Petrie (unit)
    Helen Walmsley, Stafford
    Henriikka Clarkeburn
    Huatong (Hannah) Sun
    Hugh C Davis (2)
    Hugh Davis, Soton
    Iain Allison. ELA
    Iain MacLaren, ICTE Paisley
    Iain Morrison, universitas, melbourne
    Ian Hart
    Ian Utting BlueJ
    Institute for Educational Cybernetics, Bolton
    Intelligent Environments - Contacts
    Iris Chiang, Kuang-Hsu
    Isobel Falconer: Home Page
    Isobel Falconer: The Caledonian Academy
    J Smith, Business School, Staffordshire Univers…
    J.T.E Richardson Open univeristy
    Jack Muramatsu
    Jackie Galbraith. SCET / LT Scotland / Ngfl,Scotland
    Jadud, papers, UofKent
    James Atherton (DMU; educ)
    James Derounian
    Jan Elen, Leuven, Belgium
    Jane Kernan
    Jane Prichard Southampton
    Jane Seale and Adoption
    Jane Seale Home Page
    Jane Seale Home Page
    Jane Webster's Home Page
    Janet Lavery's Home Page
    Janet Lavery, Durham
    Janet Radcliffe Richards
    Janet Strivens
    Jaron Lanier's Homepage
    Jason Brotherton at Ball state
    Jason Brotherton's UCLIC Web Page
    Jaye Richards
    Jayne Smith
    Jean McKendree
    Jean Ritchie
    Jean Vanderdonckt
    Jem Rashbass @ camb medic.
    Jennifer Hall / Gove
    Jessie Kennedy
    Jill Jameson :: Weblog :: Introducing the eLI...
    Jill Jameson, Greenwich
    Jill Sheridan nee Burnside Uof Queenslad
    Jim Barclay, Crichton College
    Jim Boyle, MechEng, Strath
    Jim Levin
    Jim T Boyle, old page
    Joe Glasgow: applicant
    Joe Wolfe UNSW, education, physics
    John Cook's Home Page
    John Dakers
    John Daniel UNESCO
    John Daniel (2)
    John Dowell
    John M. Carroll's Personal Space
    John Norman. CARET: University of Cambridge
    John Tait
    John Venables' Home Page
    John Webb @ Bristol
    Jon Ritchie
    Jon Rogers Dundee
    Jonathan Grudin
    Jonathan P. San Diego, Laurillard, London k. lab
    Josephine Ganter : Lecturer - Drawing and Pai...
    Josie Taylor, IET, OU
    Judith Good : Sussex, IDEAs lab
    Judy Hardy, Edin, EPCC
    Judy S. Olson Michigan
    Julie Allan
    June Delano at monitor executive developments
    Karen Mahony Associates
    Karen O'Rourke. PAL. Manchester
    Karen S. Baker (UCSD, Scripps)
    Kate Exley
    Kate Pavlidou, LLL, Leics, Programmes Co-ordinator, ...
    Kathleen M. Fisher
    Keith Oatley
    Kelvin Tan 1
    Kelvin Tan 2
    Kelvin Tan 3
    Ken Eustace @sturt
    Kerry Rodden
    Kerry Rodden
    KMDI Toronto (Gale Moore)
    Kristina Höök (Kia)
    Lachlan M. MacKinnon
    Larry Parsons (Sheffield)
    Laura Korte's Personal Page
    Lawson / green nitro
    Leon Watts' Home Page
    Liam Bannon
    Lily Díaz
    Linda Creanor : The Caledonian Academy
    Linda Drew
    Linda Dryden (Benyon)
    Linda Green GSA Glasgow school of art
    Linda McIver
    Linda Wheeler
    Linden Ball's Homepage
    Lisa Neal
    Lisa Neal: A Day in the Life of ..
    Lisa Whistlecroft
    Liz Boyle
    Liz Brown, Nottingham; learning styles
    Liz Churchill
    Liz Draffan, Soton
    Liz Thomas (Staffs)
    Lloyd Rieber - The University of Georgia
    Lou Mcgill digital and film photography in
    Louise Barkhuus
    Louise Ferguson 1; Capicua
    Louise Ferguson 2
    Lydia Plowman
    Lyn Pemberton - Home Page
    Maddalena Taras
    Maia Dimitrova Home Page
    Mandy MacLean
    Manjula Sharma; UoSydney
    Marc Wigan @ napier
    Margaret Isaacs co.
    Margaret Price, Brookes
    Marialuisa Aliotta, Physics, Edinburgh
    Marie Jasinski
    Marina Jirotka, Oxford
    Mark Dunlop
    Martin Bartos - Personal Details
    Martin Gilbert
    Martin Oliver
    Martin Oliver, UNL
    Mary Gilhooly @ Paisley
    Mary Harnishfeger's (Indiana?)
    Mary Hepburn
    Mary Thorpe
    Matt Jones, FIT Lab, CS Dept, SWANSEA UNIVERS...
    Matt Jones, Swansea official page
    Matt Roddan Homepage
    Maureen,Jackie; number; portsmouth
    McVitie, physics
    Melissa Highton
    Melissa Highton (et al)
    Melissa Highton's site
    Merlin John, journalist
    Michael McCabe
    Michael Nott
    Michael Smith psychiatry
    Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
    Michele Dickson
    Mike Dobson C-SALT
    Mike Forrester, Kent
    Mike Sharples
    Mike Sharples
    Mirabelle Walker, OU
    Moira J Simpson
    Monk, Andrew
    Morag Casey, physics
    Nancy Turner (arts)
    Nancy Turner, old (RHUL)
    Napier University Transport Information
    Nelson Cue, HKUST
    Nickleby / Ron Macleod
    Nicola Simmons
    Nicola Simmons
    Niels Bech Nielsen | Nenya
    Nigel Davies, Lancaster
    Norman Gray
    Norman Gray
    OISE/UT Home Page
    OISE/UT Home Page
    Ormond Simpson
    Padraic Monaghan
    Palitha Edirisingha (ipod; gilly Salmon)
    Pam Briggs - Northumbria University, UK UNN
    Patrick McAndrew
    Patrik O'Brian Holt
    Paul Brna
    Paul Brna at Leeds CBL
    Paul Brown. consultancy Peak Performance
    Paul Fritze Home Page
    Paul Maharg
    Paul Skett IBLS :: NBS
    Paula Hixenbaugh Westminster
    PDG home site
    Pedro Branco
    Peter Goodyear
    Peter Hay - Personal Details
    Peter Timmer's Home Page
    Peter Twining
    Phil Agre
    Phil Hanlon
    Phil Marston, Aberdeen
    Prof Stephen Baron Education
    Prof. Andrew Evans. Rly accidents
    Professor Andrew W. Evans
    Quintin Cutts
    Randy Smith
    Randy Swing (Brevard. NSSE)
    Raquel Prates
    Raquel Prates (chiplace)
    Raquel, Clarisse research group, Brazil, Rio
    Ray d'Inverno's HomePage
    Ray Land
    Ray Land; Coventry University
    Ray McAleese Home Page
    Rebecca Mancy Home
    Rebecca Mancy Home
    Rex Hartson
    Rex Hartson
    Richard Bache (Paisley)
    Richard Brown; artist, mimetics
    Richard C Thomas
    Richard Cox
    Richard Cox @ sussex
    Richard Harper
    Richard Joiner
    Richard Joiner's Home Page
    Richard M Young
    Richard Remedios
    Richard Remedios
    Richard Remedios, Stirling, EducPsych
    Risņ National Laboratory
    Rob Gaizauskas
    Rob Gaizauskas
    Rob Procter
    Robert Capra's Research Home Page
    Robert Kraut
    Robert Vallerand
    Robin Mason
    Robin Mason's personal pages
    Robin Shaw at UofArts, London
    Rod Sims
    Ron Chrisley: home page
    Ron Oliver Home Page
    Rosalyn / Roz Phillips. PAL at stirling
    Rosamund Sutherland
    Rosanna (Rosie) Breen
    Rosanna Breen (2)
    Rose Luckin, IOE
    Rosemary Luckin @ sussex
    Roy Tasker 1
    Roy Tasker 2: learning designs
    Roy Tasker 3: vischem rationale
    Roy Tasker 4: publisher demos
    Roz McCarthy Cambridge agnosia PUS
    Ruth Aylett, HW
    Sally Fincher, Kent
    Sam King, Loughborough
    Sara Hennessy
    Sarah Oates, Politics
    Sarah Oates. Media and Politics | Research and Class Material
    Sarah Turpin / NCT: Central Information Service
    Sarah Young at The Lighthouse - Projects - Real: Creative Le...
    Sasha A. Barab
    Science Museum staff
    Scott Lewis - Welcome
    SER: Steve Robertson
    Seymour Papert
    Sherry Turkle
    Shirley Alexander's home page
    Simon Barrie
    Simon Bates edinburgh
    Simon Buckingham Shum
    Simon Ungar - Home Page
    Stefano Mizzaro Home Page
    Steffie Plotnikoff
    Stephen Bostock Keele
    Stephen Payne
    Stephen Senn stats, placebo
    Steve Marritt
    Steve Payne
    Stuart D. Lee
    Stuart Reeves, DCS
    Stuart Watt
    Sturt people list
    Su White's Home Page
    Sue Bennett Wollongong
    Sue English (research project)
    Susan Armitage CELT lancaster
    Susan Dumais Homepage
    Susan Levine's Home Page
    Susan Stuart's HATII page sstu
    Susan Stuart's Home Page
    Susan Stuart's Home Page
    Sylvia Morgan, S.A.
    Tammy Dewar, Calgary
    Tamsin Haggis, Stirling education
    Tanis Taylor, journalist, guardian, eco friendly, retention ..
    Ted Gould
    Terry Mayes
    Terry Mayes
    The Hiser Group (Rachel Croft)
    Thimbleby, Harold
    Thomas Green Home Page
    Tim Berners-Lee (Biog of WWW)
    Timothy Gowers, Cambridge maths prof
    Tom Boyle London Met (UNL)
    Tom carey
    Tom Carey
    Tom Carey - Profile
    Tom Carey 2
    Tom Carey lab
    Tom Davies
    Tom Erickson's Home Page
    Tom McEwan
    Tom Ormerod's Homepage
    Tom Reeves
    Tom Rodden
    Tony Anderson
    Tony Jenkins, Leeds (teaching programming)
    Valerie J. Shute
    Vic Lally
    Vicki O'Donnell
    Vicki Simpson at Surrey
    Victoria Holliday, /Reeders Harvard
    Viktor / Umea
    Vincent Campbell, stirling TV violence
    Vivien Swanson
    Will Stewart, bradford, podcast, jisc 2
    Will Stewart. Bradford. podcast jisc
    Willem-Paul Brinkman, Brunel
    Wuetherick, Brad
    Yvonne Rogers


    HTML 3.2 Reference Specification
    HTML and URLs
    PHP: Documentation
    PHP String Functions
    JavaScript to prevent or trigger form s...
    UoG Web Publishing
    AppleTalk Retirement Project FAQ
    AppleTalk Retirement Project
    Atalk file IP share
    How to install the Desktop Printer Utilityr
    AppleTalk Retirement Project
    Athens Accounts
    UoG disk/software Regulations and Code of Conduct for the Use o...
    perlfunc -
    PERL manual (local)
    PERL WWw manual
    An Overview of Perl
    PERL manual
    Perl Documentation (5.004beta)
    The Perl Oasis: Perl for the MacIntosh - Index
    Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager
    A First Guide to PostScript
    Automated Password Manager & Form Filler
    HENSA/micros: Homepage
    Moodle and GUIDE
    Producing PDFs
    IC Archive Areas
    Mac Ghostscript Postscript Viewer And Interpret…
    Apple UK software
    Linklint 2.1 - Input examples
    Linklint 2.1 - Instructions for large sites
    GIFMerge: GIF animation tool
    PaperPort Viewer for Mac
    cheap paperport
    JISC ELF: E-learning Frameworks and Tools programme
    Paperport/Visioneer home page
    Perl links
    Telnet2.6 NCSA
    Internet Explorer 4.0
    MIME Protocols
    The Java Tutorial
    microsoft IE download
    Hot Potatoes (Free www educ/quiz software)
    HotWired: Webmonkey (Coldfusion)
    Apache 1.3 documentation
    (Apache) WWW protection
    IEEE IE High Encryption Pack

    EMAIL / pine

    psy mailman admin
    Marc Psy Mailing Lists
    Access psy majordomo mailing lists
    Computing Service - VAC/VAD facilities
    Pine Technical Notes: Configuration and Prefere…
    UoG Mailing Lists by Majordomo Chris Edwards 4892
    CompServ email advice
    Transition Info Page
    Equator Info Page
    Grumps Info Page
    Book group
    Context email list at DCS
    SUF - ScotlandIS Usability Group - …
    Email FAQ
    Procmail Homepage
    procmail intro
    Mass email students: compServ help page
    JISCmail - Mailing Lists


    Currency Converter exchange rates. Money
    See Useful ref: section on travel guides
    Transport Direct - Britain's free online rout...


    Some track maps
    Rly map
    Whole Rly Timetable: downloadable
    Little Rly Timetables printable
    NR: fares, times
    Journey Planner
    Multi transport types Journey Planner
    London Journey Planner
    Buy tickets: direct: ScotRail
    Buy Tickets | ScotRail
    Booking train tickets Non-partisan tkt booking and searching
    Non-partisan tkt booking and searching
    Alycidon home.
    National Rail Enquiries Online: train times a...
    Virgin Trains - The home of Virgin Trains
    Total journey rail timetable
    National Rail - timetable (train delays)
    Transport Direct - Timetables
    GNER rly
    obsolete? Railtrack Travel Timetable
    (german) Total Rail planner
    Station Board Enquiries
    ScotRail Home Page
    (French) rail times
    Trans Siberian Express Company - Welcome to G...
    Irish rly timetables
    UK Railways Route Maps - Main Page
    Eurostar Internet
    TGV: UK office for French TGV tickets

    Air tickets

    Air: UK airports
    Air: in UK: airports, air travel sites.
    BAA - Welcome to Glasgow
    Exeter airport and flights
    Air safety stats
    SeatGuru aircraft seating
    Virgin Trains - Plane Relief Plus
    Skyscanner search air fares.
    aerarann: Travel Ireland and UK, fly Cork, Ga...
    Scan all airline fares: get overview.
    Opodo: Air tickets. recommended by Independent
    Expedia: Air tickets
    Bargainholidays Air tickets
    travelstore: airline tickets (hides taxes) low cost airline - cheap flights to...
    Continental Airlines
    Lastminute flight
    Ryanair: Prestwick/Stansted
    British Airways - Flights
    Bmid Timetables

    Sleeping in Airports: budget travel
    Late hotel rooms UK, Ireland, Europe, US offe...
    Bus times in glasgow
    Glasgow bus map
    Citylink buses: Inverary etc.
    Seat61 world rail advice
    Travelling abroad : Govt. advice
    govt. Journey planner
    Not Flying - Explore the World by Land and Sea
    Collective advice - Travel Guides, Maps, Pho...
    Wikitravel Free Worldwide Travel Guides
    Car Hire Search - Cheap Car Rentals First
    Bed & B: France (UK, ..)
    Travel with Bicycles (Home) -- the UK independent trav...
    360TravelGuide - iPIX Panoramic Virtual Tour ...
    Map shop
    Travel Alone and Love It - Your resource for ...


    Snow boots - book shop search
    PremierMan - book shop search
    Abebooks: New & Used Books, Textbooks, Rare &...
    W H Smith
    Lovereading UK - For online book reviews, boo...
    What Should I Read Next?
    Delia Online
    BBC - Food, recipe bank
    recipe bank?
    L’Artisan du Chocolat – chocolate and truffle...
    Ocado:supermarket home delivery
    Buy Jeans
    Levi store
    TOPMAN - Mens Fashion - Mens Clothing - Topman
    Sony : RDR-HXD910(RDRHXD910) : United Kingdom
    MultizoneAV - Your one stop audio visual spec...
    Digital Point
    DabsValue Digital Freeview Twin Tuner & 80GB ...
    SS Electricals
    JVC DR-MV5S - Product Summary - Digital Direc...
    HAWKSHEAD - Shirts
    HAWKSHEAD - Shirts
    SAGEM Support Center
    Richer Sounds : cheap hifi etc.
    Richer Sounds (Glasgow) home electronics boxes cheap
    Abebooks: good at Secondhand Books
    Science museum shop
    kitchen stuff
    Reading Spectacles specs
    OS map purchase online
    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel,...
    Auctioning4u ::do ebay for you
    Blooms  - A leading Florist in Glasgow Scotland
    Burgers in London
    Gas & Electric Fires - Screwfix Direct, Ever...
    Quail Railway and Transport Maps
    Customised cards. Moonpig. About £3 ?
    Maplin Stores > Glasgow Best/cheap?
    PhotoBox: print digital photos The UK's #1 Online Cr...
    UK Oven cleaning services, domestic stove and...
    01436 67 0009
    Gadgets, gizmos, gifts - fun boys toys - cool...
    gadgets & gizmos, gift ideas & games for a co...
    expansys: i-Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard
    Alcohol Breathalysers - Alcohol Sensor...
    Cornerhouse books
    Artisan Roast - Intelligent Coffee
    MultizoneAV - Your one stop audio visual spec...

    Commercial sites

    Sci Am
    CU-SeeMe Home Page!
    STC Soc. tech. comm
    Welcome to the Gatehouse Gallery
    National Physical Laboratory
    (german only) Rail times Best?
    New Scientist Planet Science - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly magazine
    Phone Freepages
    Freepages Cinema Guide - Select Cinema
    America On Line
    Briggs: Othermedia
    UIC: Rly master org
    AECT Assoc for Ed. Comms&Tech
    BCS Boston Computer Society
    III innovative interfaces
    Aware Electronics Corp.
    The BBC Online
    Channel 4
    WebCentre(Web Services)
    Synquiry Technologies, Ltd.
    Map bookshop (Elstead)

    Money, funding sources

    SHEFC Circular letters
    JISC funding
    JISC Project Management Guidelines
    LTSN GEES - L&T Development Projects 2004-5
    NESTA - the National Endowment for Science, T...
    Chancellor's Fund
    LTDF via TLS: Learning and Teaching Development Fund (LTDF)
    AHRB ICT Programme - Activities and Services


    MANTCHI ATOM editing facility
    Mantchi @ ME
    MANTCHI main web pages
    New official MANTCHI pages
    MANTCHI Table of ATOMs
    My overview of Mantchi
    The Vicarious Learner Home Page
    The Vicarious Learner
    MANTCHI_Index by Andy Grieve
    Use of MANs Initiatve
    MANTCHI: Foubister
    Sandra's ATOMS
    MANTCHI: Son of Answergarden
    Knowledge Tree
    MANTCHI Mailing List Archive, by thread
    MANTCHI - Demonstration Answerwebs
    BCSCW - Mantchi
    MANTCHI @Julian
    Norman Gray
    Clyde Virtual University
    StateChart ATOM
    GUCSD HCI4 Class 1997-98
    Steve Draper's Play Area
    Mag software
    Finbar: Task Directed Discussions (TDDs)
    Katrin's Answergarden Home Page 1.0
    MANTCHI: The Mag system
    Sandra Foubister
    Model project paper
    Amar work
    Finbar and Vicar


    Nationwide Savings and Investments
    Guinness flight
    Birmingham Midshires
    AAA Investment Guide Contents
    iii venture capital etc.
    Updata share data
    Moneyworld Stock prices
    Hemscott share data
    Company reports on line
    Financial info index
    FT London Share Service
    ESI share info
    CNNfn - USA financial network
    The Wall Street Journal Directory of Services
    MoneyWorld UK Home Page
    USA quote Finance info
    Investment Trusts
    Templeton Warrants
    Stock: Br.Energy PP
    Stock: Railtrack PP

    WWW design

    HTML 3 ref
    How to do maps on the web
    E.g.: Geography dept. building plan
    UoG Web Policy
    UoG Web: File Naming
    Browser Java
    htdig documentation
    Javascript doc from Netscape - where tiny is better!
    UoG web Accessibility

    Accessibility / disabled

    Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Home Page
    Blind access: RNIB
    Web Accessibility and the DDA
    Dundee: Digital Media Access Group
    Betsie anti-Graphics tool
    Validation Bookmarklets
    pressing on...accessibility check bookmarklets - accessibility favelets/bookmark…
    Various Accessibility Bookmarklets
    Bookmarklets | add extra functionality to your …
    Adobe Acrobat - Acrobat solutions for accessibi…
    Adobe Acrobat - Acrobat accessibility

    Links to HTML Documentation
    Internet Detective
    ARCHIVE The Internet Archive: Building an 'Internet Lib…
    WebTechs Validation Service
    web site design checklist
    web site content checklist
    Web Based Instruction Bookmarks
    Guide to good practices for WWW authors - Contents
    Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide
    Web resources
    NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page
    WWW/CGI Security FAQ
    CGI info
    TERENA Guide to Network Resource Tools
    Nuthin' but Links
    Rotating GIFs
    The HTML Terrorist's Handbook
    Composing Good HTML (Version 2.0.16)
    What does your HTML look like in Lynx?
    CGI links
    Page Author Guidelines - Version 8
    collection on web usability
    Try Out WebCT Now - Your home for JavaScript and Dyn…
    Learning tips for online
    typography prejudices for the internet
    WWW Universal Usability in Practice
    InternetSeer: I've subscribed


    IET-PLUM Educational Evaluation
    Guidelines for eLib Project Evaluation
    PLUM Evaluation
    Euromet evaluation doc.
    Edstar eval. service
    PLATO eval
    Wollongong flex learn


    IJHCS 'Web Usability' Special Issue
    Citation errors
    Nahl paper on IR study
    Apps&Misapps Anderson,Reder,Simon
    Thinking with Diagrams Workshop
    web usablity book Press release
    Web usability book excerpt
    Horizon: proprioception loss
    Kearsley TLP collection
    Engines for Education
    ITForum: Building an Interactive Professional Community
    Activity Theory workshop
    Computers and Classrooms
    Visual progging bibliog
    TILT Report 5 References
    Gordon: CB talk
    Hart on Q&Q
    Reclaiming Instructional Design
    Why don't telephones have off switches?
    Merrill papers collection
    Ontology is Overrated -- Categories, ...
    Merrill itforum paper
    Adult group learning paper
    Cyperall project; Microsoft (digital photos)
    Ruth Crawley paper
    Plomin 1990
    Direct Perception of 3D Images for HCI
    Ward paper at CAL97
    Mindweave by Robin Mason et al.
    Direct Perception of 3D Images for HCI
    CSCL by English/Yazdani
    Brockman's Edge discussion
    Quinn paper on LT
    Neisser on IQ
    Lloyd Rieber invited paper
    Lloyd Rieber - Project KID DESIGNER
    Interviews and categories
    The ergonomics of learning environments
    Connole / laurillard paper
    Barney Dalgarno, EdTech'98
    Price et al. on MArble project
    Barney Dalgarno, EdTech'98
    Flow papers
    Prolegomena to a theory of instructional design…
    Designing HotJava Views
    Models of Online Courses
    Hank Bromley - ITF - What To Ask About Technology
    Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher…
    Digital diploma mills, and commentary
    UoG L&T strategy
    Globalising Education by Robin Mason
    The Dark Side of ALN
    KMI Book
    Brent Wilson paper
    The Cathedral and the Bazaar
    Tripp: studio model
    Lloyd studio (handbook; paper)
    Cronje: How to Make an Instructional Technologist
    The "No Significant Difference" Phenomenon
    L.Sherry ITforum paper
    WEB Project: JILR Draft
    Bohlin ITF paper on computer avoidance
    A Computing Research Repository
    The New Phenomenography
    Feminism and Multicultural Education:
    CMU it course/Suresh's Home Page
    The Myth That Schools Shortchange Girls, by Jud…
    It’s (Beyond) Time to Drop the Terms Causal-Com…
    Transmitter & Receiver Architectures:
    Agile software meth
    Brna: particpatory D in ped
    David Merrill papers
    Learner Interactivity and Production Complexity…
    Donald Schon, AERA 1987, "Educating the Reflect…
    Sharon Beder Integration
    Blay on HCI and flying
    Read before you cite. Simkin and Roychowdhury
    XRCE Forget-Me-Not Episodic
    Horn MinMan
    Lamontagne paper on Teaching
    The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS, NIAID Fact...
    HIV AIDS Connection Focus On Feature

    Old but useful?

    Euromet home page
    Euromet evaluation
    Netscape help
    cache address
    Mark2's link list
    S.Clarke:Checklist of Contextual Factors
    Electronic lib (IDEAL)
    Web quizmaker
    Science Faculty
    Scottish Tourist Board - Site Plan
    Lycos City Guide: Glasgow, Scotland
    Motivation CAL
    refs on motivation
    Broadcasting Technology
    The World Lecture Hall
    Chris Schnurr pages
    Ruth Crawley Project
    NewsBot: Business -- Recent Business
    xerox PARC
    The Open Video Project
    EUROparc / RXRC / Rank Xerox Research Centre
    Jaye Richards report GCTS
    Cowan and LLL at escalate
    mm in the computing curriculum
    Carnegie Mellon Project on Gender and Compute...
    CMU Project on Gender and Computer …
    Ian Hart centre
    New Media Scotland; mediascot; upgrade
    MARBLE - About the Project
    Murdoch University - Teaching Learning Forum '97 Information
    CDT Privacy Demonstration Page
    New Scientist
    ALNTALK: Discussion of ALN Issues
    Special Needs @ GU
    General UK web links
    Who's Who in Instructional technology
    CAL 97 Proceedings
    IBFI - Travelling to Schlo\§ Dagstuhl
    Buxton HCI papers
    Mira Workshop Proceedings
    Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present
    Phenomenography - describing conceptions of the world around us
    What is ITFORUM?
    Erica CMC
    Phenomenography crossroads
    CBT Tutorial by Greg Nichols
    Distance learning lib
    ISD -- Glossary
    The railfan's guide to Copenhagen
    OU MA in DE
    Queensland DE
    U.Sydney Research Areas
    Year 2000 Date Transition Preparations
    Dearing: govt. reply
    Dearing/Garrick: Scottisoffice reply\
    Wicked Problems
    Recording lectures
    Lawson IT project
    MANTCHI: The Mag system
    National grid for US learning
    A distance course
    The Technical University of British Columbia
    Health informatics
    AG by Glasersfeld
    Interactivity in Teaching and Learning
    BBC Education - Fred Dibnah's Industrial Age - …
    BBC Online - The Sky at Night
    Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Wo…
    HCI-tw workshop 2 (SBU)
    UK Passport Agency
    Learning Styles and CBTs and WBTs
    List of CAL Journals
    Deep Fun
    TheBookPeople / Zoe Cantrill co.
    Computer anxiety quaire
    constructivism -- Lloyd Rieber
    Revelation Project - Examples: Current Projects
    The Motley Fool UK -- to educate, amuse, and en…
    ASCILITE - Australasian Society for Computers i…
    Registry reform etc.
    Auroras // magnetometer DIY
    WAP Forum
    Mobile phone tech.
    Millennium clock
    Sharmanka alternate
    The American School in London - home page
    (students') conceptions of research
    Stirling media research institute
    UoG Phone book (old)
    The Listening Centre (music for ADHD)
    Astronomy; Precession and Nutation
    M873 course home page
    History of Psychology On-line: Presocratic Post…
    All Too Flat
    Snowdrop software firm
    International Futures Forum
    Universal Education Foundation "UEF" Daniel Kropf
    learndirect scotland - Scotland's learning ga...
    GCAL new ICT L-centre, Synergy issue
    free dental treatment
    (groupwork) Using English for Academic Purposes

    Old but once useful

    Download QuickTime for Macintosh
    AMS quaire
    Curtin Physics: T& L Activities
    Kearsley TLP collection
    i3net: an EU network of xcel
    CAL 2001
    Scottish Ed. ctte
    Classroom 2000 (Abowd project)
    EDRA conf. Edin. 2001
    student descrips of experience
    PC monitor testcard
    Scottish MAN Videoconferencing Network - Local Service Managers Guide
    French Rly (Java)
    Marton's pheno handout
    OU NTRI initiative
    Clare Harvey research
    HCI'97, Bristol
    SDG Data Repository
    Ian Hart pics
    Anti-CAL paper: Atlantic monthly: Oppenheimer
    Educational Object Economy
    TopClass server for www LT
    Adastral Park Campus - Home Page :.
    MFC mortgage carpetbaggers
    Web Creations
    Leeds CBL/HCI workshop
    CAL 97
    CAL 97: Masoud
    Evaluation Tools
    journal Digital Creativity
    Applications and Misapplications
    HTML Documentation
    Microsoft mirror site
    Unix man_pages.html
    whois help
    rtf to html

    microsoft default favourites

    Best of the Web
    Today's Links
    Web Gallery
    Product News

    my Test page @barry
    Freedom of info
    IBLS Level 1 Biology Introduction
    HCI mobility workshop
    JISC money bid?
    UK IMS Centre
    SERA conference
    Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature
    ALT-C 98 Home Page
    ELT 98
    Computers & Fun
    CAL 99
    EPSRC paper
    INTERACT 99 Overview
    Nott credit workshop
    ALT-C 99
    Railtrack OLD
    old: IR Seminars at Glasgow University Schedule
    Crook workshp
    Fluorescent Lamps, Ballasts, and Fixtures
    HCI tw workshop
    The ISI Centre (Glasgow IT advice)
    IT jobs: Glen Murray's service
    HCI 2000
    Workshop on Haptic Human-Computer Interaction: …
    DIM workshop, Manchester
    ALT-C 2000 at UMIST
    CHI2000 - The future is here
    Computers and Fun 3
    BPS conf
    SEDA and SEDA Scotland Conference

    RDG bid

    University of Glasgow Planning Office
    Research and Enterprise : : Anke Sieker

    Inland Revenue: Inheritance Tax Leaflets
    SHEFC consultation


    The Excelsior, Hong Kong
    DiscoverHongKong - Login
    DiscoverHongKong - All About Hong Kong - Hong...
    Hong Kong International Airport - Flight Info...
    Lonely planet
    Search for Flights
    Lonely Planet | Travel Services
    Teaching and Learning Symposium
    The Dutch Railways
    Interactive University
    Virtual Europe Tours Through My Photo Gallery
    Netherlands: Geography, Maps and Information
    Hotel De Doelen
    Nick Noakes' Personal Homepage

    this is scunthorpe - news, entertainment, job...
    Slava's SnowShow

    Old old

    TORSTEN LAUSCHMANN - Exploit your past!
    HPC eg web page. cf. funding.debate
    The Glasgow Radius Project home page
    Check your system clock against USNO
    Chateau? gateau Robb Mitchell
    Barry Brown 2 yr report
    The Wirral Business Web
    Shockwave site
    University of Sunderland
    Edin 3 chairs
    Education journal
    Networks 101
    USA email-to-fax
    Virgin USA web general
    Dartmoor Factbook
    Welcome to the ISI
    ITATL Project Home Page
    Thinking with Diagrams Workshop
    The Institute of Educational Technology
    CVU CAL Q&A engine
    Romantic Chronology (Home Page)
    MIS Hot List
    CS Research Strategy Group
    Research Acorn template
    Bergen IFI dept.
    Loftus M.Sc. I.T. Feedback Page
    BEV Home Page
    Susan E. Metros, Professor of Art
    Julie-Ann Sime
    Calendar of AACE Conferences
    style guide? guru page
    Thomas Green
    IRHCI Workshop
    Scott Brady project
    Evi project
    Douglas Youngson project B
    Douglas Youngson project A
    Jetai'97home page


    Photos of Scotland
    GIF image 741x511 pixels
    GIF image 1000x359 pixels
    Bud Uggly web page design
    Rolling Your Own Sushi
    Up and downs in and near the Alps
    JPEG image 396x283 pixels
    Carron - Ace Trekker
    GIF image 397x576 pixels
    Barry Brown @ the University of Surrey
    Alexandre Beaudouin-Mackay, newborn
    Java toaster


    Online learning

    Sturt (South Oz)
    U.South Oz
    Project EPCOS (Adult learner)
    CELT - Progpam of Activities
    Thiagi: learning email games
    LearnScope: marieJas - thiagi / oz

    Independent | advancement | Higher
    Independent | advancement | Higher Highly recommended

    Selling Psy

    Guardian on Psych
    Ditto, but table?
    Why economics


    The e-Learning Research Centre .:: About
    JIME / blog
    Qualitative and Quantitative Researc...
    Download: denzin lincoln 5 stages
    JIME: Journal of Interactive Media in Education
    JIME issue: The Educational Semantic Web

    iTunes iPod

    iPod page
    Stanford iTunes
    level 3 project / worldmap News - Scotland - iPod win music...
    project guidelines
    Hunterian Scholarships 2006

    bbc PUS agnosia

    EPSRC Website
    EPSRC current calls for proposals
    BBC News | HEALTH | Altered images for brain ...
    BBC - Commissioning - Pitching TV Ideas
    BBC - Commissioning - Ideas from the Public
    Level 3 courses and exams
    glasgow science centre
    How to Apply for a PPE Award
    wellcome books: Egs of PUS?
    Talking back to science. Book+DVD
    BBC - Commissioning - Network TV Who's Who
    Teacher Placements
    Wellcome grant apps
    Project summaries

    JISC IM Buddy

    Circular 6/05: Large Scale Implementation of ...
    BuddySpace - Instant Messaging + Maps + Semantics = Enhanced Presence Management for Collaboration, Learning, and Gaming
    KMI Marc
    Peter Scott's Homepage
    TeledyN: BuddySpace
    Jabber central
    ClustrMaps - Get one!
    BuddySpace - Instant Messaging + Maps + Seman...
    BuddySpace descrip at aktors
    shefc strategic funding
    Facebook | Welcome to the Facebook!
    Facebook (website) - Wikipedia, the free ency...

    PDP ibush TEA

    Employability information for staff
    Higher Education Academy Personal development...
    Personal Development Planning in Higher Educa...
    Guidelines for HE Progress Files
    100 mins documentary anti-religion by Bill Maher.