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This section of the Tutorial Web Site is dedicated to providing some guidance about writing essays in psychology. It is not a complete guide to essay writing (it is debatable whether such a thing can exist) but an attempt to provide some hints about writing essays in psychology. If you follow the advice within these pages, it will not guarantee you a good grade, but it may help.

This guide is split into 5 sections; Titles, Structure, Writing Style, Citing Sources and References. Each section deals with a topic that students have difficulty with when writing essays. The section on titles outlines how to interpret the essay titles that you have been given. The next section deals with structure and gives some hints as to how to develop and write a coherent essay. Writing style gives a few pointers about what type of style is appropriate for a psychology essay. Citing sources outlines how to cite sources of information within the text of the essay. Finally references shows how to provide a reference section that lists the sources that you have used within the essay.


You can move through the guide from page to page or just go to the page that interests you by clicking on the specific topic on the left column of this page.

These pages were developed by the Psychology Department's Teaching Assistants: Paul Bishop, Jason Bohan + Eugene Dawydiak
Mail them with any questions regrading the content of the page.