Chaona Chen
Supervised by : Rachael E. Jack

[Research Interest]: Conversational Facial Expressions, Social Robotics, Conversational Agents, Cross-cultural Communication

[Education]: B.Sc. in Psychology (First Class, Rank 1/48, GPA: 3.9/4.0), Wuhan University, China

[Self-Introduce video]: I am currently an official Research Video Blogger for the University of Glasgow. Click here to see a brief self-introduction video of me. Also another video for one of my exhibitions about social robots.


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  • Delis, I., Chen, C., Jack, R. E., Garrod, O. G., Panzeri, S., & Schyns, P. G. (2016). Space-by-Time Manifold Representation of Dynamic Facial Expressions for Emotion Categorization. Journal of Vision, 16(8), 14-14.

[Magazine & Science Articles]:

  • Chen, C. (2016). GradHack: Organizing Your Time for Efficiency. Society for Personality and Social Psychology: SPSPotlight.
  • Chen, C. (2016). What Makes Einstein's Brain Special: a Psychological Perspective. China Zhihu Daily. (16k views, 2k followers)
  • Chen, C. & Jack, R. (2014). UK Scinetists Idenfify Four Basic Emotions. British Council

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