Photo 1 [25 April 2018] There’s some familiar faces from the School and Institute taking part in this year’s Pint of Science events:

• Monday 14 May: Dissecting Dementia – Dr Josie Fullerton

• Tuesday 15 May: Unravelling the Brain – Léon Franzen, Professor Lars Muckli & Dr Helena Paterson

• Wednesday 16 May: What Decides Our Decisions? – Dr Andrea Pisauro & Dr Emanuele De Luca

Full details & tickets
Photo 2 [24 April 2018] The PsyTeachR team was selected for a £1000 College Team Teaching Excellence Award. The team consists of Heather Cleland Woods, Helena Paterson, Niamh Stack, Dale Barr, Phil McAleer and Lisa DeBruine. The panel praised the Teaching Reproducible Psychology with R workshop, co-creation of materials with students, and online approaches.
Photo 3 [17 April 2018] A new study by Anne Keitel, Joachim Gross and Christoph Kayser (CCNi) uncovers neural mechanisms during natural speech comprehension. By focusing on stimulus-specific timescales and measuring comprehension on individual trials, we show that distinct neural and linguistic timescales relate to speech encoding along the auditory-motor pathway. The findings suggest spatially and temporally distinct brain mechanisms that directly shape our comprehension. The study was published in PLoS Biology: Keitel, Gross, & Kayser (2018). Perceptually relevant speech tracking in auditory and motor cortex reflects distinct linguistic features. PLoS Bio 16(3).
Photo 4 [16 April 2018]

Congratulations to Rachael Jack for hosting the very successful Consortium of European Research on Emotion (CERE) 2018 conference held at the University on 4-5 April.

More than 300 delegates attended with 27 countries represented.

Many thanks to Lindsay Wilson, Morag Wallace, Joanna Wincenciak, Lewis Thomson, Marc Becirspahic, and Chaona Chen who contributed largely to its success!

Photo 5 [16 April 2018]

On March 24th the BPS-Scotland Undergraduate Conference 2018 was hosted at the University of Glasgow, and nearly 400 students from across Scotland attended the conference.

Prizes were presented for the Best Talks of the day in 8 categories and 5 of our UofG students were successful: Rachel McCarney (Occupational), Plamena Lalova (Clinical), Beatrice Johnston (Social Perception), Maria Neagu (Cognitive), and Amy Mckechnie (Qualitative).

Congratulations to the winners and everyone else who presented at this year’s conference!

Psychology at the University of Glasgow is rated very highly for research and teaching.
In the 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework, Psychology at Glasgow was ranked #1 in research intensity (jointly with UCL) according to the Times Higher Education. We earned the highest grade possible (4*) for a very high proportion (44%) of research. For teaching, we are consistently ranked 1st in Scotland and in the top 5 in the UK in national league tables, such as #2 in the 2015 Guardian Universities Guide.
The Subject Area of Psychology spans two colleges:

-  the College of Science
   and Engineering

-  the College of Medical,
    Veterinary and Life Sciences
April 27th 2018, 15:30

Professor Ian Penton-Voak
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May 3rd 2018, 15:00

Dr Hendrik Wildner
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