cSCAN Rounds

October 31st 2019 2:30PM
To be confirmed
Dr Alex Mesoudi

November 14th 2019 2:30PM
To be confirmed
Victoria Southgate

July 18th 2019 11AM
Using Video Game Technology for Mental Health
Dr Joaquin A. Anguera

May 30th 2019 2:30PM
Digital Health Interventions: Development, Optimisation and Evaluation
Dr Claire Garnett

April 25th 2019 2:30PM
Understanding Individual Differences in Theory of Mind Using the ‘Mind-space’ Framework
Dr. Jane Conway

April 23rd 2019 3:30PM
Hearing the Facial Expressions of Emotion: The case of the Smile
Dr Pablo Arias

April 11th 2019 2:30PM
The Social Transmission of Threat and Safety
Dr Andreas Olsson

April 4th 2019 2:30PM
To Go Where No Speech Synthesis Has Gone Before
Matthew P. Aylett

March 7th 2019 2:30PM
Coordinating Turn-Taking and Language Use in Spoken Human-Robot Interaction
Prof. Gabriel Skantze

January 31st 2019 2:30PM
Computational Models of Emotional Vocal Behaviour and Their Application to the Experimental and Clinical Study of Social and Affective Neuroscience.
Jean-Julien Aucouturier

January 10th 2019 2:30PM
Examining social cognition during human-robot interaction
Agnieszka Wykowska

November 2nd 2018 1PM
To be announced
Dr. Alex Jones

October 18th 2018 2:30PM
The influence of social status on stress depends on the stability of the hierarchy
Dr.Pranjal Mehta

June 29th 2018 1PM
Visual adaptation as a potential mechanism for for the development of body size misperception
Dr. Ian Stephen

June 8th 2018 1PM
Embodied robots and virtual humans: Transcending social interactions through technology
Dr. Ruud Hortensius

June 1st 2018 1PM
tDCS and MVPA Investigations of Observational Learning
Prof. Emily Cross

May 25th 2018 1PM
Looking strong there! Perceived physical strength in men is attractive but may come at a cost to ejaculate quality
Dr. Yong Zhi Foo

May 11th 2018 1PM
Review Writing in the post REF world
Multiple Speakers

April 20th 2018 1PM
Socioeconomic status and Food Portion Size: Current Evidence and Future Directions
Dr. Maisy Best

April 13th 2018 1PM
The grey area surrounding the red effect
Dr. Thomas Pollet

March 23rd 2018 1PM
Cognitive and neural mechanisms of automatic imitation
Dr. Richard Ramsey

March 15th 2018 1PM
Pupillometry reveals reduced emotional resonance in bilinguals’ second language
Wilhelmiina Toivo

March 2nd 2018 1PM
Your brother, your beard, and your boogie moves: studies on human mate choice.
Dr. Tamsin Saxton

February 23rd 2018 1PM
Variability, the problem of likeness, and the role of averages in face recognition
Dr. Kay Ritchie

February 16th 2018 1PM
Experimental approaches to understanding distinctively human culture
Prof. Christine A. Caldwell

February 12th 2018 2PM
Trials on virtual body editing: Invisible body and body-part remapping
Prof. Michiteru Kitazaki

February 9th 2018 1PM
A Statistical Model of Facial Attractiveness: Replication and Remix
Prof. Ben Jones

February 2nd 2018 1PM
Understanding Dialogue: Language Use & Social Interactions (2)
Prof. Simon Garrod

January 12th 2018 1PM
Understanding Dialogue: Language Use & Social Interactions (1)
Prof. Simon Garrod

November 17th 2017 1PM
The evolution of human mate choice: How parents and expected age at menopause can influence your love life.
Dr. Jeanne Bovet

November 10th 2017 1PM
Language Adapts to Interaction
Dr. Sean Roberts

October 20th 2017 1PM
CSCAN Debate Preparation
To be announced

October 13th 2017 1:30PM
CSCAN Debate Prep - Screen-time is the devil! Let’s challenge the view that social media is only about the media
Dr. Heather Cleland Woods

October 6th 2017 1PM
CSCAN Debate Preparation - Effects of Social Media: What are the Issues?
Dr. Dale Barr

July 25th 2017 3:30PM
Population size & cumulative cultural evolution: fewer heads can be better than many
Nicolas Fay

March 27th 2017 4PM
Seeking out, fixating and attending to features of emotionally expressive faces
Dr Anthony Atkinson

March 3rd 2017 1PM
Spoken English Discrimination (SED) Training and Speech Production in Multilingual Malaysian Speakers
Dr. Jessica Price

February 24th 2017 1PM
How our social network size influences our linguistic skills and linguistic malleability
Dr. Shiri Lev-Ari

January 27th 2017 1PM
Communication systems are shaped by learning, use and transmission: insights from atypical birdsong and artificial languages
Dr. Olga Feher

November 11th 2016 1PM
cSCAN Workshop - Rejection, resilience, and peer review
Multiple Speakers - Organised by the Writing and Grant Committees

October 28th 2016 12PM
The social psychology of linguistic alignment
Robert J. Hartsuiker

June 6th 2016 12PM
The psychological construction of emotion / Mind perception and morality
Dr. Kristen Lindquist & Dr. Kurt Gray

May 27th 2016 1PM
Error and expectation in child language
Dr Hugh Rabagliati

May 13th 2016 1PM
Using EEG to differentiate between higher and lower level hierarchical control nodes in human motor performance
Lawrence Behmer

April 29th 2016 1PM
Inner Voice Experiences in Processing of Direct and Indirect Speech
Dr. Bo Yao

April 22nd 2016 1PM
Do blind and sighted persons differ in how they process social information from the voice?
Katarzyna Pisanski

April 11th 2016 1PM
Surfing the frame net: Metonymy and similar phenomena as evidence for a frame approach to concepts
Sebastian Löbner

March 18th 2016 1PM
How does facial expression affect face recognition?
Changhong Liu

February 26th 2016 1PM
Suffering and social interaction
Michael Brady

February 11th 2016 1PM
Social Perception, Signalling and Affect Reserach Meeting
Various Departmental Research Talks

January 22nd 2016 1PM
Epic fail: Hormonal contraceptives, schadenfreude, and fail videos
Rob Burriss

January 15th 2016 1PM
What do we know about disgust sensitivity? Some recent developments and future directions.
Josh Tybur

November 27th 2015 1PM
Do egocentric biases contribute to reducing the collaborative effort in dialogue?
Dominique Knutsen

November 20th 2015 1PM
Biological Markets and the Evolution of Human Cooperation
Pat Barclay

November 6th 2015 1PM
The effect of learning to read on the neural systems for vision and language: A longitudinal approach with illiterate participants
Falk Huettig

September 25th 2015 1PM
Face-to-face conversation with socially intelligent robots
Mary Ellen Foster

August 14th 2015 1PM
Are hand gestures meant for speech?
Professor Spencer Kelly

June 5th 2015 1PM
Emotions, Interaction, and Autism: Timing and Development
Prof. Daniel Messinger

May 15th 2015 1PM
Representing space in discourse processing
Glenn Williams

May 1st 2015 1PM
Studying the Cultural Evolution of Languages with Iterated Learning Experiments
Monica Tamariz

March 20th 2015 1PM
Modern human adaptiveness: stone-age minds or ideas?
Gert Stulp

February 27th 2015 1PM
Emotion word processing: Does mood make a difference?
Sara C. Sereno

January 23rd 2015 1PM
Functions of sarcasm and irony
Dr Dominic Thompson

January 20th 2015 1:45PM
Language and Social Interaction research afternoon
Multiple Speakers

December 5th 2014 1PM
Scanning the interactively speaking brain: the cases of synchronous speech and conversation in autism.
Kyle Jasmin

November 21st 2014 1PM
Tracking the dynamics of referential activation with EEG
Dale Barr & Angus Paton

November 7th 2014 1PM
The bedtime story effect: The role sleep and semantic training in vocabulary learning.
Dr. Anna Weighall

September 11th 2014 1PM
Processing novel definites: evidence against accommodation
Britta Stolterfoht

August 1st 2014 1PM
The evolution of language and the language faculty
Dr Kenny Smith

July 11th 2014 1PM
Cultural Selection Drives the Evolution of Human Communication Systems
Nicolas Fay

June 6th 2014 1PM
Return to Oz: On Voice Quality, Body Size, and Perception
David Feinberg

May 30th 2014 1PM
The challenge of relational referents in early word interpretation: Evidence from noun-noun compounds
Dr Andrea Krott

May 9th 2014 1PM
Skin carotenoid colouration: a signal of current health
Carmen Lefevre

April 25th 2014 1PM
Cultural evolution of arbitrary communicative conventions in experimental microsocieties
Dr Christine Caldwell

April 4th 2014 1PM
The impact of socio-linguistic factors on cognitive and linguistic processing
Dr. Alissa Melinger

March 14th 2014 1PM
Embodied word meaning in linguistic and social context
Dr. Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer

February 7th 2014 1PM
Facial coloration tracks fertility-related changes in women’s hormone levels
Benedict C. Jones

January 24th 2014 1PM
Audience design in children with and without autism
Dr. Kumiko Fukumura

December 18th 2013 12PM
Previously in the Social Interaction Journal Club: Research in the Voice Neurocognition Laboratory

November 29th 2013 1PM
Measuring markedness: An empirical study
Dr. Joanne Ingram

November 6th 2013 12PM
Previously in the Social Interaction Journal Club: Individual Lab Presentations (12.00 - 14.00)
Simon C. Garrod

November 1st 2013 1PM
How culture makes us (s)tick together

October 18th 2013 1PM
Resolving ellipsis in monologue, and soon, maybe, dialogue: Evidence from event-related brain potentials
Dr. Andrea Martin

October 11th 2013 1PM
Previously in the Social Interaction Journal Club: 1st Social Interactions Journal Club Meeting: Open forum to discuss how to organise our future meetings

June 28th 2013 1PM
What to do when a linguist says she's expecting: Coherence and coreference expectations in sentence processing
Dr. Hannah Rohde

June 27th 2013 1PM
Clarifying intentions in dialogue: miscommunication drives abstraction
Dr. Gregory Mills

June 21st 2013 1PM
The boy ate what? Gradient effects of context in sentence processing
Dr. Anuenue Baker-Kukona

June 14th 2013 1PM
'self-, other- and joint- monitoring in monologue and dialogue'.
Simon C. Garrod

June 6th 2013 1PM
Eye Movements and Older Adult Readers
Dr. Kevin Paterson

May 17th 2013 1PM
Two complementary mechanisms for decoding intentions in speech intonation

April 26th 2013 1PM
The development and evolution of song culture
Dr. Olga Feher

September 21st 2012 1PM
Foreign Language Learning through Music and Singing: Empirical Results
Dr. Karen M. Ludke

September 14th 2012 1PM
Individual Differences in Non-Native Phoneme Perception
Prof. Vera Kempe

August 3rd 2012 1PM
Direct speech reporting is selfish entertainment: Correlations between personality and use of direct versus indirect speech in story retelling.
Bo Yao

July 30th 2012 11AM
To be announced
Dr. Nicolas Fay

July 27th 2012 1PM
Making and breaking procedural conventions in dialogue
Dr. Gregory Mills

July 6th 2012 1PM
Using the voice to put a name to a face: The psycholinguistics of proper name comprehension
Dale Barr

June 29th 2012 1PM
On the need of simulating what is unspecified: negations in a visual world paradigm
Isabel Orenes

May 11th 2012 1PM
Convergence of speech rate: Interactive Alignment beyond representation
Ian Finlayson

April 20th 2012 1PM
Towards a unified model of acquisition, production, and comprehension
Dr. Franklin Chang

March 23rd 2012 1PM
Plasticity of categories in speech perception and production
Dr. Shane Lindsay

March 2nd 2012 1PM
E-Z Reader: A Model of Eye-Movement Control During Reading
Prof. Erik Reichle

December 9th 2011 1PM
About the relationship of music and language in the human brain

November 11th 2011 1PM
The role of executive function in the production of disfluency: A study based on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Dr Paul Engelhardt

October 14th 2011 1PM
Expectations of Consistency in Communication
Dale Barr

September 16th 2011 1PM
Un-stripping language: Social interaction, common ground, prosody, and more...

May 6th 2011 1PM
Simplifying the Passive

April 21st 2011 1PM
Penetrability of the speech system by cognitive load
Professor Sven Mattys

March 18th 2011 1PM
Priming from algebra to language: Some new results
Christoph Scheepers

March 4th 2011 1PM
Disambiguating the Scope of Negation by Prosodic Cues in Three Varieties of German
Tamara Rathcke (with Stefan Baumann)

December 10th 2010 1PM
Threats to the validity of the visual world paradigm as an index of spoken language processing
Dale Barr

December 3rd 2010 1PM
Reading in Healthy Ageing: The Influence of Clause Status
Jessica Price

May 21st 2010 1PM
Representation and Processing of Idiomatic Expressions
Patrizia Tabossi

May 14th 2010 1PM
Getting the Gist: The Critical Role of Semantic Relations in DRM False Memories
Ken McRae

April 30th 2010 1PM
"Interweaving production and comprehension processes during dialogue"
Simon C. Garrod

April 9th 2010 1PM
'From hand to mouth: An experimental simulation of language origin'
Dr. Nicolas Fay

March 19th 2010 1PM
Scanning speech: fMRI studies on encoding meaning in speaking

March 5th 2010 1PM
'Early parallelism in spoken language processing? Neurophysiological experiments using MEG and EEG.'
Yury Shtyrov

February 12th 2010 1PM
Tamara Rathcke

January 29th 2010 1PM
'Communicative intentions and the emergence of linguistic communication'
Thom Scott-Phillips

January 22nd 2010 1PM
'Attention, Affordances & Language'

January 15th 2010 1PM
'Oculomotor Resonance And Understanding of Numbers'

December 11th 2009 1PM
What few reveals about you.
Linda M. Moxey

December 4th 2009 1PM
'The lexical boost effect in ditransitive structural priming: A special role of the verb?'
Claudine Raffray

November 20th 2009 1PM
"Processing enhancement through personalization and direct presentation of speech and thought. Some preliminary investigations."

November 13th 2009 1PM
"Learning about accents from interactive and mediated speech"
Jane Stuart-Smith & Rachel Smith

October 23rd 2009 1PM
'Tis but a spanner my wee lassie: Gender and age of acquisition effects
Sara C. Sereno

October 9th 2009 1PM
"Cross-Domain Syntactic Priming: From Simple Algebra to Relative Clause Attachment"
Christoph Scheepers

March 20th 2009 1PM
The effects of character desire on focus patterns and pronominal reference
Linda M. Moxey

April 11th 2008 1PM
"Structural choices in sentence production: Priming, eye-tracking, and other interesting things"
Dr. Andriy Myachokov

February 15th 2008 1PM
There goes the neighbourhood (effect)

November 9th 2007 1PM
Focus effects in Healthy Aging: Ease of Reference and Shallow Processing

October 19th 2007 1PM
The use of prediction to drive alignment in dialogue
Simon C. Garrod

October 18th 2007 1PM
The use of prediction to drive alignment in dialogue
Simon C. Garrod

October 12th 2007 1PM
The simultaneous effects of word frequency and contextual predictability on fixation durations before and after skipping a word.

October 5th 2007 1PM
A Rational Analysis of Verb-final Sentence Processing
Christoph Scheepers

June 29th 2007 1PM
Linguistic focus in discourse processing in healthy older adults

May 18th 2007 1PM
Number agreement in reading comprehension: Grammatical and conceptual factors in pronoun vs. verb agreement.

April 27th 2007 1PM
Autism and narrative ability: A case study comparing successive written and oral retellings of 'The three little pigs' by a child with autism
Lesley Stirling

March 2nd 2007 1PM
Sensitivity to temporal, spatial and protagonist information during situation model construction and updating: contrasting two possible extensions to the Event-Indexing Model.
Andrew Stewart

February 9th 2007 1PM
Mislocation and order violation: challenges to E-Z Reader
Alan Kennedy

February 2nd 2007 1PM
Investigating Speech Errors using EPG: Evidence for interactivity in speech production
Martin Corley

January 26th 2007 1PM
Counterfactuals: From Eye-movements to Neuroscience

December 8th 2006 1PM
Presuppositions and Bridging in intensional contexts.

December 1st 2006 1PM
Emotion Words

October 27th 2006 1PM
Parafoveal processing influences word frequency and predictability effects on eye movements during reading.

October 20th 2006 1PM
Integration of perceptual, semantic, and syntactic information in sentence production.

May 26th 2006 1PM
What's happening when readers detect and miss semantic anomalies?
Jason T. Bohan

May 19th 2006 1PM
Introducing objects in spoken dialogue: The influence of conversational setting and cognitive load on the articulation and use of referring expressions
Barbara Howarth

February 24th 2006 1PM
Persistence of syntactic chunking in language production: Evidence from priming of relative clause attachments.
Christoph Scheepers

February 10th 2006 1PM
Phonological Mediation and Eye Movements Control in Reading.

December 9th 2005 1PM
Comprehending Counterfactuals

November 25th 2005 1PM
Establishing coherence: effects of semantics and discourse information structure.
Pirita Pyykkonnen

November 18th 2005 1PM
The effect of lexical vs. stereotypical gender on the time-course of reference resolution: Evidence from eye-movements.

November 11th 2005 1PM
Subject and object relative clauses in Spanish: An eye-tracking study.

October 21st 2005 1PM
The effect of syntactic load on change detection.

October 14th 2005 1PM
The effect of what is expected on the role of negative quantifiers
Linda M. Moxey

May 20th 2005 1PM
Syntactic alignment and participant role in dialogue
Holly Branigan

April 29th 2005 1PM
A group gesture

April 22nd 2005 1PM
Probabilistic Models of Human Sentence Processing
Frank Keller

February 11th 2005 1PM
The influence of clause type on depth of semantic processing

February 4th 2005 1PM
"Identifying learning difficulties in clinical reasoning for students' of health science"
Barbara Howarth

January 28th 2005 1PM
The contribution of prosody to text processing

January 14th 2005 1PM
The activation of inappropriate analyses in garden-path sentences
Roger van Gompel

December 10th 2004 1PM
Scalar implicature
Linda M. Moxey

December 3rd 2004 12PM
The effect of focus on eye movements and language processing

November 19th 2004 1PM
Interfacing attention and syntax

November 12th 2004 12PM
'Quantifier Scope Ambiguity'

October 22nd 2004 12PM
Lexical Ambiguity Resolution
Sara C. Sereno

October 15th 2004 12PM
Semantic inertia and reinterpretation

October 8th 2004 12PM
Syntactic load effects revealed by change detection.

May 5th 2004 12AM
The Evolution of Language
Professor Marty Sereno

April 30th 2004 12AM
Cross-linguistic categorisation of events
Asifa Majid

March 5th 2004 12AM
Quantifier focus versus (strict) accessibility
Rick Nouwen

February 27th 2004 12AM
Understanding doubly-quantified sentences
Kevin Paterson

February 13th 2004 12AM
Routinization in the interactive alignment model
Simon C. Garrod

January 16th 2004 12AM
Task demands and the allocation of attention in reading
Martin Corley

December 12th 2003 12AM
Constraints on reference to more than one character in text
Linda M. Moxey

December 5th 2003 12AM
Limitations on the visual world paradigm
Simon C. Garrod

November 28th 2003 12AM
Verbs, causality and cognition

November 14th 2003 12AM
Encoding Numerical versus Verbal quantifiers
Linda M. Moxey

October 31st 2003 12AM
Linguistic focus in the re-reading paradigm

October 17th 2003 12AM
Focus and attribution

October 10th 2003 12AM
Product branding: an applied issue in Psycholinguistics

June 6th 2003 12AM
NO UP effect in visual word recognition

May 23rd 2003 12AM
Cross-modality syntactic processing in language production: speech, writing and typing
Holly Branigan

March 7th 2003 12AM
Genre-specific parsing: Non-additive influences of metrical stress pattern on sentence processing
Christoph Scheepers

February 21st 2003 12AM
The role of morphology in lexical processing
Nivja de Jong

February 14th 2003 12AM
How do grammatical and stereotypical gender influence the representation of person information?
Lisa Irmen

January 24th 2003 12AM
Syntactic and semantic incremental processing

December 6th 2002 12AM
The effect of speaker and listener knowledge on referential form in face-to-face and video-mediated communication

November 29th 2002 12AM
Diminutives Aid Word Segmentation
Vera Kempe

November 22nd 2002 12AM
When do speakers signal?
Martin Pickering

November 15th 2002 12AM
The representation of ontological category concepts as affected by healthy ageing
Lorna I. Morrow

November 8th 2002 12AM
Modelling the reading of isolated words
Richard Shillcock

November 1st 2002 12AM
The Interactive Alignment model and its consequences
Simon C. Garrod

May 31st 2002 12AM
Communicative processes in collaborative work: comparison of remotely versus co-present interactions.
Alison Newlands

May 17th 2002 12AM
A theory of complement focus with negative quantifiers

May 10th 2002 12AM
Lexical Bias in Spoonerisms: A Related Beply to Baars et al. (1975)
Martin Corley

April 26th 2002 12AM
Referential form and word duration in video-mediated and face-to-face dialogues

March 15th 2002 12AM
The orthographic uniqueness point effect in visual word recognition

March 7th 2002 12AM
Dynamic Syntax: Competence as providing the architecture for NL Processing? (PLEASE NOTE: this meeting is on a Thursday)
Prof Ruth Kempson

March 1st 2002 12AM
Referential form and word duration in video-mediated and face-to-face dialogues

February 8th 2002 12AM
Environmental influences on lexical processing
Padraic Monaghan

February 1st 2002 12AM
Can Diminutives in Child-Directed Speech Facilitate Language Learning?
Vera Kempe

January 25th 2002 12AM
Parity between comprehension and production or how to twist someone else's tongue!
Simon C. Garrod

January 18th 2002 12AM
Verb subcategorisation information and sentence processing
Roger van Gompel

December 7th 2001 12AM
Reconceptualising semantic context effects in lexical processing
Scott McDonald

November 30th 2001 12AM
Review of techniques for measuring eye position

November 23rd 2001 12AM
Metaphors for intelligence: why cerebralists know more than woodentops
Kathryn Allan

November 16th 2001 12AM
A discussion of Raaijmakers, Schrijnemakers & Gremmen (1999): 'How to deal with "The language-as-fixed-effect fallacy": Common misconceptions and alternative solutions'

November 9th 2001 12AM
Understanding multiparty interactions

November 2nd 2001 12AM
Bonding and collateral processing

October 26th 2001 12AM
Plural and singular pronoun resolution: An investigation of eye movements
Lorna I. Morrow

August 30th 2001 12AM
Competitive processes in visual word recognition: Evidence from foveal and parafoveal form priming paradigms

August 20th 2001 12AM
Reinstating the Wrong Antecedent: The Moses Illusion Applied to Reading Comprehension
Anne Cook

June 7th 2001 12AM
Recursive neural networks and wide-coverage parsing
Fabrizio Costa

April 19th 2001 12AM
How to Deal with 'The Language-as-Fixed-Effect Fallacy': Common Misconceptions and Alternative Solutions
(Group reading)

April 5th 2001 12AM
The Highlights of CUNY

March 27th 2001 12AM
Scottish Psycholinguistics Conference

March 22nd 2001 12AM
Inferential control and depth of processing in comprehension: overview and speculations

March 8th 2001 12AM
Perceptual load and visual attention
Rob Jenkins

March 1st 2001 12AM
Syntactic underspecification in theories of sentence processing

February 22nd 2001 12AM
Scottish Psycholinguistics Conference

February 15th 2001 12AM
A time course of word recognition in reading
Sara C. Sereno